Suitable for schools, offices, residential, mall, hotel, government and organizations.

All employees of the company have professional cleaning experience,
committed to providing customers with high-quality cleaning services.

VOC Purification

TX-5 have successively passed the testing and certification of third-party authoritative organizations and are trustworthy. Efficient decomposition and lasting effect, to ensure that your residence is safe. It is mainly used on the surface of objects without light contact (such as drawers, floor cages) to ensure that the objects without light reach the effect of decomposing formaldehyde.

Professional cleaning

House cleaning, office cleaning, partyroom cleaning, clinic cleaning,store cleaning

  • Cleaning the vents and dust filters
  • Lamp panel cleaning
  • Shelves andwindowcleaning
Provide daily cleaning and regular deep cleaning to ensure cleanliness, hygiene and light throughout the premises.

We will restore the customer's original environment after completion.

Due to the wide range of cleaning projects, please contact us for details.

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