30 days Disinfectant Coating Service

- Made in New Zealand
- Proven to kill COVID-19, efficiency up to 99.99%
- Suitable for pregnant women and infants and children with sensitive symptoms.
- Confirmed patients will also provide services


Zoono Disinfectant Cleaning

Thoroughly eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Comprehensive air conditioning cleaning
with Zoono disinfectant coating for healthier and fresher air to breathe!

Zoono disinfectant coating is an innovative disinfection technology that effectively kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and forms a long-lasting antibacterial protection layer on surfaces. This technology is not only applicable for disinfecting human skin and object surfaces, but also suitable for cleaning air conditioning units.

Cleaning air conditioning units is an important maintenance measure that can effectively remove dust and bacteria accumulated inside the units. However, if only traditional cleaning methods are used, bacteria and viruses may still remain on the surface of the air conditioning units and easily proliferate in humid environments.

At this point, using Zoono disinfectant coating can provide more comprehensive protection for cleaning air conditioning units. Zoono disinfectant coating can form a protective layer on the surface of air conditioning units, effectively killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, and providing long-lasting protection to inhibit proliferation. Additionally, this coating can prevent oxidation and corrosion, prolonging the service life of the air conditioning units and reducing maintenance costs.

If you are considering cleaning your air conditioning unit, using Zoono disinfectant coating can not only improve the cleaning effect but also provide more comprehensive and long-lasting protection. We recommend that you choose a cleaning service with Zoono disinfectant coating technology to ensure the best protection for the surface of your air conditioning unit.

When using Zoono disinfectant coating, it is important to follow professional usage methods and precautions. If you would like to learn more about Zoono disinfectant coating, please contact our professional cleaning service team, and we will provide you with detailed answers and professional advice.

Suitable for schools, offices, residential, mall, hotel, government and organizations.

Cleaned as usual

General cleaning will not affect the disinfection efficiency of the coating.

All day protection

The coating can effectively kill more than 120 viruses and bacteria.

Proven to kill COVID-19

Conforms to regulations from around the world and has passed many efficacy tests.

Safe & Reliable

The long-acting antibacterial disinfectant imported from New Zealand is food-grade certified and meets the US FDA food safety standards . It is safe and harmless.

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